Please help: Missing child!!!

Kristen Nicole Nash is 16 years old. She was last seen on December 15, 2017 at the Central Florida Educators Credit Union in Saint Cloud, FL. She is driving a 2011 white Ford Ranger (see below). The tag number to the Ford Ranger is: gisi52 (typed in lower case to not confuse with numbers). The truck is described to have tinted windows, black running boards and a small crack in the passenger side window. Kristen is 4’11” and weighs 134 pounds. She has hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair.


Kristen is dearly missed by many and we are all very concerned for her well being. The family, friends and numerous supporters from all over are hoping and praying that we are able to safely bring her home and soon!

We are requesting that if you know any information that may lead to Kristen being able to return home, please contact the Saint Cloud Police Department at 407-891-6700 or contact your local police department. There is a reward being offered for her safe return.

If you would like to follow along for updates on Kristen’s situation, Click here. There is also a Fox 35 news video available here . Please make sure to share out this article and/or the Facebook group page!

Let’s make this go viral and bring this sweet child home!

Thank you!


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