Hurricane Irma

Experiencing a hurricane and hurricane prep during the time one of your children turn 17 is just not an adventure that I ever wanted. Here’s what we have gone through so far…by the way it is almost noon on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

Monday through Saturday was nothing but preparations and working. Kids went to school all the way up thru Thursday. Friday the schools in our county were closing so that they could be turned into shelters. The BF was in Miami until Thursday working. Everyone scrambled trying to obtain all the supplies they possibly could; water, gas, food, wood for the windows. Our city opened the locks for the lake and drained quite a bit of water as of yesterday.

We were able to get all the food and water needed for our family. We were also able to get the yard cleared of any debris and get our outside furniture brought into our storage room. Our cars are parked snugly next to the house and the eldest’s truck is right in the parking area.

Yesterday we went out and about to finish up last minute prep and to survey the area. We found the locks wide open and the lake had been drained quite a bit. This made me feel a lot better being we live only a few blocks from the lake. After checking in with family members to make sure their prep work was complete, the bf and I opted to fish for a couple of hours. We hit up a few locations (close to home) and only had a couple bites (nothing hooked). We decided it was time to head back and get dinner going and that’s when we found the tire had gone flat. During our tire investigation we located a nice sized screw embedded all the way into the tire. So at this point the bf and I decide to walk the approximate 7 blocks to our house and grab my car which has all the kits for plugging tires and such. We get my car to the bf’s car and immediately start working on the repair. Winds are picking up but no rain happening, thankfully.

After we get the tire plugged, he drives around the parking lot to make sure everything is A-OK and then heads home. I follow behind in my car. Now we have dinner and then roll into a mini celebration for the second child in the family. She turned 17 yesterday. Sh have dinner and then roll into a mini celebration for the second child in the family. She turned 17 yesterday. She opened her presents and we played cards. Anyone familiar with BS? LOL! I was quite impressed with her “BS face”…hers and her sisters. We played a few games and then went to bed.

Turning into Sunday, I have opted to do hourly updates on my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook pages so that my family in other locations can quickly check in and minimize our battery use. We will lose power eventually, but so far no loss. I have had a quick conversation with a few family members and even checked on my sister in Fort Lauderdale, so far so good. Sister is without power already though. L

Approximately 10:30 AM we had a tornado warning issued here in our area. Unsure if one touched down or not, haven’t really had a chance to look into it. All I know is that we didn’t have it near us for me to see it out of a window or the front door. Last I heard/seen, Hurricane Irma is all over the southern part of FL and the eye has passed the keys. Her winds are still keeping her at a cat 4. She’s a big one and not one to be questioned. Unfortunately, this will be a situation I cannot “bad ass” or “scold” my way out of. We will just have to go with the flow and do as Irma says!

Our hearts and well wishes most certainly go out to everyone involved in this hurricane. We will check back in via blog in a few hours, provided we have power and signal. Otherwise, you can follow along with us on Instagram: @freckledbtrfly or request to follow me on Snapchat: freckles1431 (yes that is my Christmas tree! Haha)

Time for me to post this and get the noon o’clock hour video posted! See ya soon!

Everyone please stay safe and remember to be patient!

P.S. 12 hour tornado watch has been issued for our area.


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