In Search of a Birth Mother

After many conversations with my cousins, I have offered to step up and assist in any way that I can. So here is their story and our request for any assistance possible. 

My cousins and I grew up together starting in Kissimmee, FL. We spent loads of weekends together and were rather inseparable. My cousins, myself and my brother would galavant from my dad’s place, to my uncle’s place, to my grandparent’s place and pretty much everywhere in between. Typically we were a small herd of children just out to have fun. 

My cousins ended up moving out of state after some years, but we stayed in contact. We had visits, shared adventures, put on shows (for absolutely no one to watch most times), caught bugs of sorts, ran from bats, and shared lots of stories between us. We were fairly normal children. We were loved, cared for and taken care of. We were taught morals, values and the importance of family. 

If you were an outsider looking in you would never know that these two beautiful young ladies grew up without their mother. I often wondered how they would manage going through life without their mother there for them. I never could imagine that they would make it to become the incredible women they are today because they didn’t have their mom. I couldn’t imagine it because I was blessed to have my own mother and even a step-mom that was/is always there when I need them. 

Although they accepted the fact of not having their mother around, they have managed. They don’t get too deep into their feelings on this situation but I know there’s a void because it does get brought up. Naturally so. These two women have had their trials in life, as anyone does. They have learned lessons, grew from children to mothers themselves, became successful in their careers and are the sweetest, most loving cousins ever!

Both of my beautys have gone through college, marriages, created families and still find time in their busy days for their friends and other family members. They have blessed our family with handsome boys and beautiful girls! They are doting, loving and highly supportive moms. It has truly been my pleasure to be a part of their lives and watching them both blossom the way they have!

We have spent countless hours, over the years, in search of their birth mother, my aunt. Now, we have decided to ask for help publicly, as our searches haven’t given us much in the way of leads. We have created a Facebook page called: In search of a birth mother. (Facebook group page) We are just hoping someone, somewhere out there in this massive world of ours, can recognize her and get her in contact with her girls. Below is some (not all) of the information that we know of her to this point. It isn’t a whole lot but hopefuly it’s just enough. 

Thank you for your assistance, even if it is just sharing a post to pass the word along. Please let’s go viral with this! Have a blessed day!

The mom’s (and aunt’s) information:

Victoria (Vickie) Lynn 

Last names: Herring, Barker, Graham

DOB: September 13, 1958

We believe she was born in Virginia. She was married in Kissimmee, FL in 1979 and believe the divorce was in 1987 for that marriage. 

If you have any information that may lead to us finding her please email me at or contact us via our Facebook page. Thanks again!!!

#insearchofabirthmother #viral #pleasehelp


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