“Treat Others as you wish to be treated”

Hello everyone, my name is Freckledbtrfly and I am a bitch. (Insert laugh)

Ok, ok…so this isn’t alcoholics anonymous or any of those groups where I need to join a 12 step program. But, I felt it was necessary for me to introduce myself properly. Apparently, people who have known me at least most of my life seem to forget the fact that I do not tolerate any kind of nonsense. Fact is that I grew up and was raised to not take crap from anyone. I give respect where respect is earned. In return I expect respect.

I am a complicated female. I am very independent. I am very stubborn. I was raised to demand respect for myself. Those who are respectful to me get my respect in return, that simple. Respect is earned not given!

As the old adage goes: Treat others as you want to be treated. That is the biggest life lesson I learned growing up. There isn’t a time that I can remember, or anyone in my family can remember, where I wasn’t a leader…where I wasn’t independent. Where I did not do what I wanted to do no matter what I was told. I marched to the beat of my own drum and that is all there is to it. Now that I am 36 and it hasn’t changed, I don’t think it ever will. (old and set in my ways kind of thing) I am ok with that because I accept me for who I am.

There are those who have an issue with who I am and how I am. Some people try to figure me out based off my heritage. Some people try to figure me out based off of how I was raised and the fact that I was raised in the south by “Yankees” (mostly). Some try to figure me out based off of my zodiac sign. Which if you read all about Pisces most of that does ring true. However, there are situations that warrant different outcomes, different outlooks, and different reactions. SO you can’t always go by how I was raised, where I was raised, what my heritage is or my zodiac sign.

If you know me and have known me for a long time and paid attention to how I respond, then you will know what to expect. I don’t tolerate bullshit. I don’t tolerate disrespect. I am very blunt. If I care about you and respect you I will do my best to put it nicely, but I will get my point across. However, even if I care for and respect you, if I find myself explaining the same thing to you numerous times…I will get blunt. I will come off rude. Not because I don’t care or that I don’t respect you but because the nice isn’t working and you need to hear it rough.

With all that in mind, I have some things I need to get out. I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I did not grow up with zero cares in the world. I did not grow up as a typical child. These are things that I have come to terms with and accepted over the years. But, through my trials and tribulations I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned a lot about my family. I have learned a lot about my children. And I have learned a lot about people in general. I have been around many different types of people. People who have so much money they have no idea what to do with it, all the way down to people who quite literally live in the streets…and everything in between. I have had conversations. I have had arguments. I have had all different kinds of interactions with all kinds of different people. There are some people who, no matter what happens to them…no matter the decisions they make…they are lucky. They end up getting things that they really don’t deserve.

I was also told growing up “Life isn’t handed to you on a silver platter” and “the world doesn’t owe you anything”. These people who end up lucking out forget to remain humble. They forget where they come from or what they have been through. They forget those they have stepped on along the way. They end up leaving a path of destruction that they never look back on. They never try to make right. That is their issue.

I say this because there are people who I can categorize in this situation that think because they have certain opportunities presented to them that they can make threats, say as they wish, do as they wish…and that there are no repercussions.

Fact of the matter is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” (thanks newton!). Keep this in mind.

What I mean by that is…let’s explain it this way, I’m sure you have seen movies or read stories about witches. Commonly the rule of a witch casting spells is: it will come back on them 3 fold. For example, if a witch casts a spell to harm that witch runs the risk of the spell coming back on her 3 times as bad. That is the same way that life works. (or karma)

Though these people who have been lucky and pulled themselves out of the trenches or bad decisions or what have you, they may not have come across bad luck or met karma yet. But no matter the case, luck does run out and you still have to answer for the things you have done.

I am not saying everyone is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes because we are all human. I find that those of us humans who make mistakes and learn from them tend to be more humble, caring, devoted and not so shitty of a person. Those humans who refuse to learn from their mistakes tend to be angry, resentful, disrespectful, hoity-toity , uppity, the list goes on… With all of this being said I am not saying who this is directed to because in fact…it isn’t directed to anyone specifically.

If you are reading this and you are taking offense to it, it’s probably high time you put them shoes on, lace them bitches up and wear them with pride…because the shoe obviously fits (and you can’t wear just one shoe, that’s silly). This tells me that you have crossed my path and had a negative impact on me or my life somehow. You know what you have done and you have yet to admit your mistakes. Which is fine, I am not expecting apologies or anything. I could care less if you are in my life or not because your negative impact has already caused me to write you off.

However, I do have a response to you taking offense…if you have something on your mind that you feel you should say…say it. Don’t bottle it up. Man up or woman up and open your mouth. Message me on Facebook. Hit me up with a text. Call if you feel you need to yell and scream. I don’t care what it is or how you do it, just do it. This is my challenge to you.

Just like I teach my children…express yourself. It is unhealthy to let your feelings be bottled up inside of you. One day you might actually explode (no one wants to clean up that mess).

If you cannot express yourself about me, to me; if you choose to run behind my back and say what you need to say about me, instead of to me…I will call you like I see you…a coward. I do not hate you or anyone else (hate is a strong word after all). If I was a hateful person, I would have ruined many people’s lives long ago. But I didn’t. I made adult decisions in my adult life not to stoop to that level because I am a better person than that.

I don’t have time to sit here and chase people around, digging up dirt just so that I can ruin their life. You (whoever you are) will likely end up doing it yourself…that’s not my job. Like I said, if you’ve had a negative impact on my life, I’ve written you off. Which means I don’t waste my time on you.

So who ever you are, how ever many of you there are, if you have something to say…im calling you out. Say it! Don’t go behind my back and hope that it gets to me through some asinine form of the telephone game that we played in kindergarten. Otherwise, just let it fester. Fester, fester, fester!

*This blog was not intended to be used for posts such as this. I would much rather be posting about fishing, kayaking, beach trips, road trips, birthdays, etc…So with that, I am going to end this blog and get back to the fun side of my life. The side where negative isn’t allowed in!

Have a great day everyone!


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