Recently I ran across a handful of posts by a good friend of mine. She made the decision to reach 101 goals within 1001 days and it is definitely inspiring to watch her attack that list. You can read it here

I am very proud and moved by her motivation and determination. I feel that this is something that sparked interest in my horrifically busy brain but needed something to help bring it out as a “need to do”.

In light of recent discussions and directions, I have finally found that something. While my friend is doing a much longer and bit more in-depth  (because I swear shes a super hero) goal list, I figured I would start out  smaller and see how well it works for me and my lifestyle of never-ending schedules and shenanigans.

Here’s the idea: I am going to do a handful of goals (number hasn’t been determined yet) that would consist of easy/quick goals, fun types of goals, family goals  and life altering goals. I don’t see it getting too extraordinary being this is my first attempt at public goal making but will need them to be realistic and effective. I am thinking the timeline would go somewhere between 6 and 10 months.

Goal #1 starts tomorrow! We shall call it “preparing the path”. This goal is: tomorrow I will sit down and plan out the amount of goals, the goals themselves and a timeframe to complete these goals.

From there I will post the list on here and as I complete the goals, I will write a blog about the goal and the experience. I am going to do this in hopes of finding a newer better me that I can easily live with and maybe even inspire a person or two to make their own path to self discovery (so to speak).

I hope you will join me on my journey. If you have any suggestions, they are always welcome! πŸ˜€

Til tomorrow,


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