My absence

Please excuse my writing. I am beyond exhausted tonight but figured I should toss out an update while I am waiting to finish laundry.

At this time we have so much going on that things have been pretty crazy! We have our house that is nearing completion. Definitely super excited over this! My love has been working endlessly trying to get things in order for our move. So very thankful for him and his family working so hard to make this possible for us.

You may have already seen a few of my posts about writing a book. I have actually placed a very small pause on this so that I can get my Etsy shop and going again. For the time being I will be just selling my handmade keychains. However, I hope to be able to list other items like teddy bears and maybe candles and such around the new year. If you’re a fan of homemade items, stay tuned. I will post a link for the shop and Facebook page.

(You can also email me directly at or for questions you may have)

I was also approached by my co-writer about an idea that he had. On top of my typical “to do” list, we are now moving into the YouTube world. As of today we have two channels that we will be working with. One channel will contain videos of my adventures with friends and/or family or maybe even just parts of my everyday life. It will be fun. The other channel I can’t give too much detail just yet, but if you like watching YouTube videos, stay tuned because I will have posts coming in regards to our channels. If you don’t want to wait on my updates, you can hop over to Tumblr and Instagram and follow @roadtrippersaudi or you can find it on Twitter @roadtripaudi. If you follow me on any of the above, you can find the Road Trippers pages through me as well. (@freckledbtrfly)

As far as the book goes, we will be back to updating our Facebook group (Erotic Nightmare) and Twitter (@eroticnightmar3) again soon. We are in talks of creating a WordPress for our book updates. We are still very excited about the book and the ideas are flowing.

Like I said, loads happening at the moment and holidays are creeping in on top of us. Please stay tuned and check out all the fun things we are about to put out for your entertainment. πŸ™‚

(I will have user names and contact info listed in another post for all accounts we have collectively)


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