Proper word usage…wait, what?

My Facebook friends tend to give me good laughs. Recently one of my friends (a very dear friend) posted a rant about using a word properly. His rant entertained me.

I can understand his frustration but I am sure that day he literally  (haha) was seeing/hearing it more than I was. I tend to tune things like this out because I have teenage kids who love to use todays horrid slang terms… mostly I hear “bruh”.

Like what is that even? (Did I use that right?)

Back to what I was saying: I have decided to make my own “fad” with words (at least in my group of people on this planet) in light of my friends rant. I am going to use the words in their literal sense. Imagine that!

For example:
Instead of saying “that chick is literally getting on my last nerve”
I will say “this female is figuratively getting on my last nerve”

We all know baby ducks can’t actually get on a humans nerves… unless you take someone’s nerves out of their body and… yeah, that is a whole new discussion.

Another example:
Instead of saying “do you even english bro”
I will say “do you speak english brother”

How exactly do you “even”?

Happy October readers!



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