The book struggle continues

I managed to finally make it through the crazy amount of pictures. To give you an idea of what I used for these pictures…

I used two phones! (Crazy right?) One being the Note 3 and the other being the Galaxy S3. I set them both to do burst shots (20 pictures max with one button press) and chose night mode with no flash. I sat outside during one storm and in my back door during another storm. I just held down my shutter button and aimed…hoping for the best.

In going through the pictures I found that I didn’t do too terribly bad. I have a small control group locally that I sent just one of the pictures to. So far…rave reviews! (Go me!) I will be continuing to go through the pictures and cutting it down to just a few. Be on the lookout for at least one to show up here. 🙂

Also, we are going to be going public with the book info here soon. What this means is you will find more detailed updates on our Facebook group as well as our Twitter feed!

Thanks for following our adventures!


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