Coming Soon…

I have been writing and telling stories for many years now…since I was a child. Typically the only things I ever put to paper were journal entries about my crushes and what girls were meanest or poems. The stories I told were mostly campfire time or real life stories (which no one believed anyway).

Just recently I started toying with ideas of actually putting out a book, at least one. Mostly for curiosity, considering I really am just another person on the street. I didn’t go to college to become a writer. Hell I barely passed my English classes in high school. I did fare well when I wrote in my English comp class in college though. However, never thought I’d get far with a book.

I am not a typical writer, in case you haven’t figured by now. Much like with a majority of my life I’m a “rebel writer” as I like to call it. I have my own style and make my own rules. I don’t follow the typical writing styles and have been known to drive my two “Grammar Nazi” (who comes up with these things?) sisters insane with my writing (love you both!).

With that being said, I have an announcement I would like to make…

I am writing a book – TA DA! Didn’t see that coming now did ya? 🙂 I have decided on the type of book (and possibly books) I want to write. I have also recruited a couple of close friends and a family member for this venture. Their names shall be revealed in the book(s). At first, I was very nervous and was just tossing out ideas I thought would be fun but not quite impossible…much to my amazement, these three hopped on board without question!

I am now very excited about this new adventure and even more excited to be working with such incredible talent and intelligence! I will make sure everyone knows where they can obtain the book(s) as they will be available online.

Thank you to those of you who have supported this venture and a super large (no, not fries) thank you to the three of you working with me to make this possible.


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