Douchebag Alert!

Call me whatever you want but as I sit here in traffic, that has been backed up for miles, I have seen more than a handful of people performing so many illegal maneuvers.


Currently I am watching a handful of cars try to go northbound, from southbound, using the “no u-turn” official use only opening in the center of the highway.

Just a few minutes I watched quite a few vehicles go fly past me in the emergency lane…as well as riding the guardrail.

Keep in mind, while sitting here, I found out (from a good friend’s post on…social media) that there is a bad accident. There were about 4 vehicles involved. At least 4 tow trucks (2 flatbeds), a medical chopper, and countless emergency vehicles. Someone was air lifted to a local hospital. If these impatient folks “cutting corners” in traffic would have just pulled out their smart phones, they’d have found out there was an accident.

Once you are in this traffic, there is NOTHING you can really do except to ride it out until you can safely get to the next available exit and take an alternate route. I really do hope everyone gets home safe… However, when you are driving like this do NOT ask why there are so many damn accidents. You are part of the problem…not the solution!

Please keep the accident folks in your thoughts and let’s hope the rest get help for that cranial rectal insertion they suffer from!

(Traffic is at a stand still for those of us staying in our lanes…before I get yelled at. Lol!)


One thought on “Douchebag Alert!

  1. I always wonder why those people think they’re so much more important than the rest of us.
    I hate seeing accidents on the road, and I always send out some healing vibes because as annoying as traffic is for me, I know this may be one of the worst days of their lives, and that’s something to think about.

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