Trying new things…

The boyfriend and I are always on the lookout for new adventures. Doesn’t matter if it is just him and I or if we are including the kids.

Recently he came up with the idea that he wanted to share something he enjoys,  with me. This “something” just happened to be an alcoholic beverage at a really small bar (or tavern, maybe?). We made the plans to meet up after I got out of work and have said drink. The drink is an Irish Trashcan. I had looked it up online (because I don’t like too many alcoholic drinks) to see if it was something I’d even be willing to try. Red bull and random liquors…OK, no problem. After all, it had ZERO Guinness in it.

We sit down at the side of the bar in this smaller than I am used to establishment full of booze. He orders, of course (such a gentleman). During our conversation, as we wait, I keep an eye on the bartender…curiosity and all. She makes both drinks and serves them to us one at a time (as one of these monsters required a double handed grip). I study this drink before I ever remove the straw wrapper purposefully left at the drinking end (thanks for being awesome). The glass is your typical “I am filling up on as much liquor as possible with a spash of a non-alcoholic drink” size. It appears as though (from bottom to the top) the colors go from a yellowish to a pretty good blue. The beverage is served over ice and has a red bull can flipped upside down and at an angle right into the top of the drink.

Naturally my first sip lands me up close and personal with the can. However, I did manage to get it figured out by the second sip. Not a bad drink, if I do say so. For me, probably not the best idea to have multiple ones or even follow it up with a beer. It isn’t my usual really sweet beverage but I would definitely go back and have another, especially with the company I was blessed with on this visit.

I do recommend that if you haven’t tried this drink, please do (legally, of course). If you can find a bartender that can make it in a small pub, tavern or something similar…that would make the experience much better. Just make sure you drink responsibly (sounding like a concerned mom meets commercial).

What kind of drink experiences do you have? Are you the type that makes creative concoctions and if so…what have you come up with?

Bottoms up!


(He’s always catching me making silly faces)


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