To My “Bestie”:

You asked me, not too long ago, to write a blog about you because you were curious as to what I’d say. Well be careful what you ask for because here it is…

Roughly 17 years ago, us three musketeers met. We hung out like kids. We talked like old hens that were barely legal adults. I am pretty sure none of us had any idea how long we’d actually be friends but we certainly enjoyed the time together.

We have gone through so much together. We have had kids. We have moved…here, there and everywhere…together and in opposite directions. We have celebrated births and birthdays and we have mourned losses. We have had eachother’s backs for an incredible amount of time. Let’s see…That is roughly 204 months, 6,205 days, 148,920 hours, 8,935,200 seconds or 10 kids later (between us 3)! That’s perspective! (Someone check my math! LOL!)

You, being the middle musketeer, this is what I have to say to you:

Thank you.

Thank you for going to the club with me and shaking our booties off.

Thank you for being the “aunt” to my children.

Thank you for being a shoulder for me to cry on any time I needed it.

Thank you for riding in the car with me, singing and dancing with zero care in the world.

Thank you for the advice you have given me over the years.

Thank you for the “selfie” sessions.

Thank you for years of inside jokes and insane amounts of weird that no one would understand but us.

Thank you for 5 absolutely wonderful nieces and nephews, that I get to watch grow, learn and blossom every single day! (Ti-Ti JJ loves y’all!)

Most importantly, thank you for showing me EXACTLY how much I mean to YOU! If there was ever a time you could make someone feel beneath you, it is now. You have managed to turn a beautiful friendship and sisterhood into an absolute disaster. We were supposed to be ride or die! We were supposed to be little ole ladies together, talkin’ smack! We were supposed to be that G4L we discussed so often.

In one decision, you have destroyed everything. I guess “he” was right…you are a beautiful storm…because you’re a damn HURRICANE!

I will always love you. I will always wish the best for you. I will always hope for your safety. However, I will no longer be hurt by you. I will no longer rescue you. I will no longer stand by your side.

I guess it just comes down to one simple, yet immensely powerful word:


Trina and Jess 11.2014


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