My Sunshines…

Just recently I was “window shopping” online and came across a website that had jewelry  listed at a very low price. has quite a selection  perfect  for my needs and at a price I am comfortable  with. I purchased  a few rings and a couple of charms.

When I handed my middle child her ring, she was so excited and asked where I got it from. I promptly  handed her the booklet that came in the packaging. She started thumbing  through it and almost immediately  stumbled upon the “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine” pendant. She made sure to point out that was part of the song I have sang to her on many occasions  in her life. (Makes my heart smile when she gets excited  about such simple memories)
I received  an email a couple  days later about that same pendant and wouldn’t  you know…it would be that exact one. Naturally, I ordered it!

This situation  has brought so much to my mind. Not only has it rubbed in the fact that I forever work too much and do not get anywhere near enough kid time in. It has also showed me that I am leaving an impression  on my little ones (who are all teens! Eeek!) Yes, I do make random purchases of items for my children. Each items typically means something  between  that child and myself.

Lots of times I hear conversations about how which child is more like which parent and why. Id like to think mine are pretty well rounded. You see my oldest is competitive, outdoorsy and athletic…just like me. My middle is more into singing, dancing and acting… much like I did in my day. My son is intellectual, geeky and very much a gamer…taking after his mama! Ok, so maybe I rounded them around me. I’m sure their fathers are in there somewhere. 😉

In any case, they are each amazing children and they impress me (in good and bad ways) every single day. I am thankful that each of my children  have pieces of me. I am also thankful  that they are getting the impression from me that they are. What I am most thankful  for, is what they have each taught me…about themselves, myself and the world around us. That, folks, is a story for another day….

Until then: KM, BS and DM…you are my sunshine! ❤


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